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Butterflies in Thailand. Vol. 3. Nymphalidae - Kurian E.J.

  • Производитель: Entomon
  • Модель: EN-3616
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1690 ₽

Thailand, Viratham Press, 1979, 110 pp. in full color, 19 x 26,5 cm, hard cover, good condition

This is the third volume of the series, Butterflies in Thailand and this treats the largest family of Butterflies, namely, the Nymphalidae. According to the latest reckoning this family in Thailand is represented by 182 species distributed in 52 genera.

Most of the specimens presented here come from our own collection of Butterflies Museum at St. Gabriel’s College, Bangkok. A good many of the rest come from the Entomology and Zoology division of the Ministry of Agriculture. I am thankful to Dr. Tanongchit Wongsiri, Director of the above institution and Dr. Agnoon Lewvanich for the kind permission they granted me for photographing those specimens. The remaining specimens come from the private collections of Mr. Chavalit Angvithayathom, Mr. Yonosuke Kimura, Mr. Jarujin Nabhitabhata, and Mr. K. W. Cheng. I thank them sincerely for lending me the specimens for photography.

Mr. Jarujin Nabhitabhata offered me his help in collecting and collating the literature on Nymphalidae and this I found very useful for the description that accompany the pictures. He also helped me in deciding on the identification of several forms of the different species. For these as well as his keen interest in the publication of this book my special thanks.

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