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The Pocket Guide to Butterflies - Whalley P.

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London, Bounty books, 2011, 168 с., цв. с илл., 9 x 19 см, мягк. пер. и обл., ISBN 978-0-7537-1836-0, сост. отл.


There are about 16,000 species of butterflies in the world, of which about 400 occur in Europe - this guide covers Europe, including the Mediterranean islands. Since the Pocket Guide to Butterflies was first published in 1981 our knowledge of butterflies has increased: new species have been recognized in Europe and further studies of some existing species have shown they are a complex of two or more very similar species. The discovery of these previously unrecognized species of similar butterflies makes identification of these groups difficult.

Fortunately the more common European butterflies are easily recognized in the field. However, in spite of many years of study there is still disagreement both on the actual numbers of species and their relationship. This problem is acute in some genera, e.g. Hipparchia, Oeneis and Erebia, where the similarity between the species makes it difficult to identify them in the field. Sometimes a species formerly considered widespread in Europe has been found to consist of several geographically isolated, but very similar, species. In these cases the locality in which the butterfly is seen will enable the correct identification to be made. Attention is called to these problems either by listing the species or by indicating that the common name may refer to several species, e.g. Green-veined Whites.

The amount of wing pattern exposed when the butterfly is at rest can be an important guide to its identification. The illustrations show the wings spread out to reveal all the pattern; this may not always be visible at rest. With the exception of the Monarch, all are illustrated approximately life-size.

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