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Moths of Thailand. Volume Five: Notodontidae - Alexander Schintlmeister

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Thailand, Brothers of St. Gabriel in Thailand, 2007, 320 pp. in full color, 19 x 26 cm, hard cover, ISBN 978-974-88149-4-0, good condition

Upon returning home from a visit to Thailand in March 2005, Dr. Karel Cerny told Dr. Alexander Schintlmeister that I need a specialist on Thai Notodontidae. Dr. Alexander Schintlmeister is a specialist on Notodontidae and is the author of several publications dealing with Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippines and Sundaland Notodontids. I invited him to come to Thailand. He readily accepted my invitation and came to Thailand in October 2005. He spent two days to classify all my specimens and took many photos back home to be checked. During his visit he also took the opportunity to go collecting at Khao Yai, Chanthaburi, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. He was very happy to get many specimens and new species to be added to his list of Thai Notodontidae.

At first I had in my collection about one hundred species. After the research and visits to different collections now I have 285 species in my list!! It’s amazing how he could finish his descriptions within 6 months and sent me the MS and the color plates ready for the press to print. I never thought he would finish it so quickly.

With great pleasure I publish this book to help and encourage those who are interested in collecting and studying these beautiful moths. It is hoped that this volume five of Moths of Thailand will help and generate interest in the insects among nature lovers, collectors and lepidopterists alike.

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