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The Illustrared Encyclopedia of the Butterfly World - Paul Smart Fres

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Tiger Books International PLC, London, 1991, 276 pp. in full color, 22 x 30,5 cm, hard cover, ISBN 1855011689, ISBN 0-517-699728, good condition


This unique and wonderful contribution to zoological literature can justly be described as one of the finest books on butterflies produced this century. It is a work of the highest scientific order written and compiled by a leading authority and Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London.

The book will appeal both to the serious naturalist and to all those with an interest in wildlife. It encompasses the entire world of butterflies, their evolution, habitats, history, classification, structure and ecology.

Thousands of species are described and illustrated in super full colour. Some of the insects are familiar; many are rare and others have never been illustrated before.

There are over one hundred colour photographs of living insects in their natural surroundings. There are specially compiled collections of specimens photographed illustrate evolution, biology, colour variation, sexual dimorphism, mimicry other fascinating aspects of this form of life. Sixty-one double page colour plates show over two thousand butterflies. All the insects are photographed life-size, revealing their true beauty, detail and magnificence. Never before has a work of this scope, authority and detail been published with such a large lumber of photographs showing so many butterflies at their actual size.

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