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The world encyclopedia of Butterflies & Months - Sally Morgan

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England, Lorenz Book, 2019, 256 pp. in full color, 22 x 28,5 cm, hard cover, ISBN: 978-0-754-83476-2, excellent condition

An authoritative reference guide to butterflies and moths, in a variety of habitats from rainforests and prairies to grasslands and meadows.

A detailed introduction offers insight into the lifecycle and habits of butterflies and moths, as well as an analysis of anatomy, wing structure and flight, courtship, mating and food, together with expert advice on butterfly watching and conservation.

A world directory profiles 565 individual species, with concise information on identification, distribution, habitats, food, wingspan and endangered status.

Entries are illustrated with beautiful artworks and additional images of caterpillars or variable underwings.

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