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Glorious Butterflies and their flora - Valerie Baines

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East Lulworth, Dorset, Butterfly Conservation, 1993, 40 pp. in full color, 21,3 x 30,3 cm, hard cover and dust jacket, ISBN: 0-9512-4528-7, good condition

Here, for the first time, is a book which combines, the amazing beauty of butterfliesand flowers with a clear conservation message.

Butterflies evoke images of warm summer days, quiet countryside and nature at peace. But we all know that butterflies are an increasing rarity. .

Countless Butterfly colonies have been destroyed whilst those that remain are under constant threat. In Britain five species have become extinct over the last hundred and fifty years.

These eight paintings of Glorious Butterflies by Valerie Baines are a timeless reminder of our rich butterfly heritage. A keen awareness and appreciation of butterflies and their flora is the first step towards understanding their needs for survival and how they can be protected.

Every resident British butterfly is illustrated along with the common and rarer migrants; caterpillar foodplants are also shown. The final plate is a tribute the extinct butterflies.

The commentaries give an intriguing insight into the behaviour of butterflies and a glimpse of their diverse and complex life-cycles.

The pleasing composition, fine detail and dazzling colour give these paintings great-life. Without a shadow of doubt they will give lasting pleasure and delight to all lovers of both nature and art. Butterfly Conservation is proud to present this portfolio of prints to mark the 25th Annfersary of its foundation.

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