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Palaearctic Macrolepidoptera, Volume 1: Notodontidae - Alexander Schintlmeister

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Stenstrup, Denmark, Apollo Books, 2008, 480 pp. in black and white with color tables, 23 x 30 cm, hardcover, ISBN 978-87-88757-77-4, good condition

Palaearctic Macrolepidoptera is a major new series aimed at covering all Palaearctic species of a subfamily, a family or perhaps several families. This new series will cover all species of the group or groups dealt with and should make it possible to identify all species.

Volume 1 is by Dr. Alexander Schintlmeister, Germany, the leading authority on these beautiful moths. The book is the first comprehensive work on Palaearctic Notodontidae since the famous Seitz work of nearly a century ago. In Seitz (including the supplement) 211 species were known - the present book covers in detail each of not less than 716 species and their subspecies known from the Palaearctic Region. All species are illustrated on 40 plates in both sexes with a total number of 2109 specimens. Vol. 1 has distribution maps of each species on which non-palaearctic distribution is also shown and genitalia photos of the male and female are provided, together more than 2200 illustrations. The book contains descriptions of 59 new notodontid taxa, reports 44 new synonymies and gives 17 changes of status. The book also has chapters on Classification, Biogeography and biographical notes on selected Entomologists.

Alexander Schintlmeister is Austrian, bom on 21 February 1957 in Dresden, Germany. From an early age he was fascinated by insects, in particular butterflies and moths, forming his first collection of butterflies at the age of 8. He studied physics at the Technische Universitat Dresden. After graduating with a Diploma, he completed a doctorate in 1987 with Humboldt-Universitat Berlin on the biogeography and evolution of the Palaearctic Notodontidae. He took part in a two-month expedition to the Caucasus, Russia at the age of 16, subsequently leading many expeditions to study moths in most Asian countries.

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